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  • Are you interested in learning about the latest Evidence-Based Research in Cheer & Performing Arts Medicine?
  • Do you want to apply that knowledge in your current clinic structure?


Rehab Cheerleader: Lectures are perfect for you!


Why NOW?

78% of cheerleaders experienced at least one injury during their athletic career.

  • Start now to build a healthcare community dedicated to cheerleaders and becoming better at rehabbing injuries.
  • Empower 89,000+ UK cheerleaders to push their boundaries for elite performance.
  • Join me in continuing to serve 250+ sessions annually in this oversubscribed niche.
  • Unlock the ability to work with cheerleaders and acrobatic performers and earn around £40-95 per session. 


Become a ‘GO-to’ cheer rehab specialist in a rapidly growing oversubscribed niche!


Join the Cheer Health Community After Signing Up

  • You would be invited to join the community group 'Cheer & Circus Physio - UK Network'  after purchasing !!
  • This is a space for learning, collaboration, and growth, all while having fun and staying motivated.

  • Join us and be part of a supportive network that’s dedicated to growing the Cheer & Performance Health community.

Rehab Cheerleader Lectures x 4

  • 4- Pre-recorded Lectures + 7 Pages PDF Takes Home Notes

    • Lecture 1 - Common Injury and Prevention
    • Lecture 2- Cheer Culture and Approach to Rehab
    • Lecture 3- Applying Performing Arts Medicine Approach to Cheer Healthcare
    • Lecture 4- Concussion & Applied Performance Psychology


    Helpful pre-requisites:

    Physios, Sports Therapists, Sports Doctors, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Massage Therapist and Movement Therapist!

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