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1:1 Physiotherapy

I can’t even begin to put into words how life changing my experience with Beth at Flexibility Matters has been - THANK YOU! I’m about to travel the world and suddenly had an awful foot injury, but Beth’s kind, caring, methodical and modern approach means I’ll be able to continue with my travels and look after my body. She listened to all my concerns and designed a brilliant and easy stretching and strengthening routine, and helped me adjust it when I was recovering from surgery. I couldn’t recommend her enough and wish her the absolute best for the future - she’s certainly set me up for greatness in mine!


Fellow fats: this is a body neutral, fat positive space, and even with a difficult relationship with my body, Beth never made me feel uncomfortable! She’s absolutely a safe space to explore how best to look after your body as it is!

Simran Sandhu, Freelance editor, "Glee Club" singer, London

Flexibility Class

It was a pleasure to participate in a few training sessions with Flexibility Matters, led by Beth. I have learned a lot about my good and bad flexibilities and muscles! The stretches were on point, I could definitely see improvements, in my splits for example. I personally love the Yoga sessions the best, her instructions were very clear and very motivational for me to stay active! Thank you for the great classes, and I can’t wait to attend more!

The sessions were helpful, it makes my body and mind relax. It helps to heal my body pain and strengthen my muscle

Really informative, there are so many more aspects to the flexibility that I didn’t know about and these sessions really helped me to improve! I absolutely would recommend Beth. Beth is so knowledgeable and helpful, nothing is ever too much for her and she is really professional. I’ve seen great results from just a few sessions!!

Great motivation with so much information and reason as to why we should do things and how it’s affecting the body. I recommend Beth as the knowledge of how and why to stretch is just as important as doing stretching yourself

I did the flexibility and mindfulness ones, an hour was a good amount of time, once a week was good too! I enjoyed the stretching and the mindfulness was good to relax at the end. I would recommend her if anyone wanted to improve flexibility

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